About us


In today’s scenario there a lot of career options available for the students to choose from. But to become a front-runner in any of them, students need to possess deep knowledge of the subjects and learn various skills to apply them in solving problem quickly. Out of all the careers to opt from, becoming an engineer or a doctor are the most preferred ones. A degree of B.Tech from IIT’S OR M.B.B.S from reputed institutions is a matter of pride and guarantees an excellent career as well as service option. Our belief is to help maximum number to students to crack their respective entrance examinations and get them accepted into most renowned institutions in India. Our motto of teaching is to support and succor the students in need and aid them with all we have so that they achieve what they aspire for .This motive of ours has been inspired from Mr Anand Kumar, the famous India Math educator, known for his free teaching programme. We have been providing the genuine, hardworking and needy students with free access to our coaching classes. We look forward to be a helping hand for more such students.

Our Journey


I taught just nine students of 12th grade as i started receiving great response. Lokesh Kumar(My Friend) could teach Mathematics and Chemistry. We started the IIT Coaching which consist three subject. At the end of the year 8 / 10 / 11 classes are also conducted in sign Academy.


we almost had 150 students studying at our academy without any advertisements and promotions , this was great deal for us. We had also recruited a biology faculty for foundation classes.


we decided to start NEET coaching for 11th and 12th grade students. Again this year , we were bestowed with great support and encouragement .


During the COVID-19 crisis this year, where whole world was shut down, our teaching and learning process wasn’t hampered. We are conducting all our classes via online mediums so that our students don’t lag behind in any way.

Sign Academy Started in 2017 by Ajeet Kumar Rai.This journey from just 9 students to 150 students had been a roller coaster ride for us.The response and support that we received from parents side was overwhelming. We had to handle bouts of problems ,but the our motive to preach our pupils kept us going. We have always focused on concept based educating and helping as much as we can from our side.

We have come long way and look forward to expand further so that maximum number of students from Solapur develop the ability to crack entrance examinations with efficiency and fetch great results.

We wish to provide best coaching so that no student from Solapur finds it necessary to travel far from home at stage where ‘home’ is what they really need.It’s our vow to aid our children and we shall try our level best to keep this up.

Our Aim


Provide our students with innovative ways and time saving methods to solve the problems along with imparting deep knowledge of the concept.


Help students channelize their efforts as well as smart work in a proper way to achieve more fruitful results.


Imbibe ethical moral values into the students during these crucial years of life --where they lay foundations of their career -- so that they grow into noble personalities.


Help students cope up with tremendous competition pressure with frequent motivation so that they crack the examinations with complete efficiency.

Director Message To Dear Students

All our efforts will fetch fruitful results only when you students will strive hard and toil till the end. Follow your mentor, have faith in what they say and dedicate yourself thoroughly towards achieving your goal. The journey from junior college to reputed institution is not easy , many obstacles and waves of depression are bound to hit you hard on your way. All you have to do is to stay focused, avoid distractions and speak up to your closed ones to avoid mental stress. Full-fledged preparations including strategic study pattern and smart work will help you succeed. We are always here to help you and provide with all we can from our end. At the end of the day it’s you who will have to discipline yourself, work hard and get admitted in reputed institution.

Good luck for all your future endeavors !!!

Our Students Says

I had done the foundation courses in SIGN ACADEMY from 9th std. It was solely because of Sir’s teaching that I was able to perform well in many of the competitive exams including Olympiads. In my 10th std. attending the foundation classes helped me to fair well in SSC board exams with 95% with the help of their coaching I was able to crack the admission exam in a reputed CBSE based school for my 11th std.
I felt blessed after I joined the SIGN ACADEMY because the teaching I experienced here is very good . Teachers here motivate and guide us very well for our future. Regular classes go in in which we also feel inspired towards our career. Regularly weekly test which have probably increased our grades and notes of every topic are provided to us which are very understandable. Finally I have experienced a lot of progress in my learning here